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Mountain Ridge

Your Success Starts with the Right Vision and Near-perfect Execution

PLAN your dreams to get where you'd want!

Why did we start consulting?

Being immigrants to this wonderful land of opportunity, we've had all experiences of career transition, industry-specific public knowledge, visa/green card and simultaneously raising a family. It can become overwhelming to get to the summit, but with the right guidance and planning, we can help you reach your goals. One step at a time.

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Our Story

We are industry professionals, who have gone through several ups and downs for career change including switching jobs, successfully applying for O-1 visa and EB-1 green card.

Having experienced all the ride for a typical immigrant in the US, like CPT, OPT-H1B lottery, we can empathize and guide through exact steps that you need to take to put your career on track and reduce the stress of visa planning. We also have over a decade of experience in US solar industry, and can provide consultation for companies who want to have a plan and strategy to enter and prosper in the US market. 

The key is PLANNING and step by step execution. We can come up with a strategy and have regular check-ins for you to make sure you reach the summit.

Our Offerings

Career Consulting

Career Consulting

Not getting the first job due to visa issues? Stuck in a career that you are not really enjoying your work? Get in touch for support

Visa/Green Card Planning Consulting

Visa and Green Card Planning Consulting

Want to plan O-1, L1A/B visa or EB-1, EB-2 NIW Green card? Not want to rely 100% on H1-b lottery which is solely based on luck?

Get in touch for support

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